Get a certain fragment of a path

Is there a way to get a certain fragment of a path, similar to what we had in v2?

Don’t know if there is a shortcut, but this works:

<?php dump($kirby->request()->url()->path()->nth(2)) ?>

Ah, I see. Thank you!

But this is only referring to the whole URL not to the relative path, right? Something like $kirby->path()->nth(2) doesn’t work. (Which would come in pretty handy.)

Yes, it uses the complete URL, so you get any subfolders in the URL as well. And yes, unfortunately not, because $kirby->path() just returns a string.

I haven’t found any better way yet.

$pathPart = (new Kirby\Http\Path($kirby->path()))->nth(1);

If there is nothing better, we could wrap that into a function.

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Yes, would be good to have that feature back. Thanks again! :+1: