Gallery in panel

If Possible admin panel add image gallery section or Any other plugin to add the gallery section for pannel

If i understand you correctly, you want an easy way to make a gallery from within the panel?

Try this plugin: Kirby Images

I want to display like Gallery section

I want to display like but it’s not working for me
If there any alternate solution there?

Yes, the plugin I just mentioned is very similar.

But that plugin is only for slide show i want display like gallery section any other plugin there?

Thats just because he called the field Slideshow. It is cosmetic. The plugin allows you to group images so you can list them out in your template. It does not have to be for a slideshow.

Ok thanks for your help

  label:       Slideshow
  type:        images

The important part is the field type of images. You can set the label and the key to whatever:

  label:       Gallery
  type:        images

Thank You so much it working