Future of Kirby CLI

I don’t use composer nor the CLI, but I usually use git submodules for Kirby, Panel & plugins… :sweat_smile:

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I don’t use composer nor the CLI, but I usually download Kirby or any plugins and similar as a ZIP-archive down into my development XAMPP on Windows 10.

I like it, that I don’t need something like CLI or Composer to start a new Kirby project or to add something there.

More about my doing you find at HowTo: Start Kirby development on a PC here in the forum, the main information is like I do it currenty, only version numbers have changed. Following this procedure, it is not easy to use Composer nor CLI on a computer, where I have to avoid any software installations after my work with Kirby.

The “download and extract ZIP file” approach will still be supported in Kirby 3. We don’t want to force people to use a more complex setup than they need. :slightly_smiling_face:



that is very good news.I like Kirby and it’s team very much!


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thank you @bastianallgeier, @lukasbestle and the whole team for the reassurance that there is a focus on keeping the installation/update process simple. I totally understand the issue with the CLI growing into its own beast.

As far as attracting third-party developers to pick the CLI up and develop it further, IMHO the main issue is not so much any resentment in regards to helping a commercial product. Indeed, it might be possible to develop a CLI for Kirby on a commercial basis - i.e., a CLI under a commercial license. It is quite possible that the hesitation from developers to embark in such a project might from the fact that we don’t really know what’s in store for the future of Kirby itself. It’s frustrating (and costly) to invest in developing features for a CLI, to find out that these features are either no longer needed, or have been made incompatible due to changes in Kirby… I think that your reassurance that the Kirby team is willing to work closely and support third-party development may go a long way towards helping interested developers overcome these fears.

Once again, thank you for all the care you take with your users, and please keep up the good work - it’s truly appreciated!