Format not working on srcsets


referencing this I have the following config:

return [
  'thumbs' => [
    'driver' => 'im',
    'srcsets' => [
      'hero' => [
        '1440w' =>  [
          'width' => 1440,
          'quality' => 80,
          'format' => 'png',
        '1920w' => [
          'width' => 1920,
          'quality' => 80,
          'format' => 'webp',

And use it via $image->srcset('hero')

No matter what I put as the format value, the image is resized properly keeps its original file format.

what am I missing? Is conversion of formats not supported?


Are you actually already using Kirby 3.6? And if yes, are you sure Imagemagick is installed properly?

thanks for the reply. would the resizing even work if it wasn’t installed properly?

on the server the convert command works which is a command from IM.

Oh, sorry, I missed that resizing worked. Again, which Kirby version are you using? And why two different formats at different widths?

Oh, and which version of ImageMagick are you using?