Footnotes and Smartypants in Kirby-Editor

Hi, I am using the new Kirby Editor for the first time, which is great! But I wondered if there is any way to insert footnotes in the blocks by either using the standard ‘Markdown Extra’ for footnotes, or by building a custom button (such as the ‘link’ or ‘italic’ buttons) to create a superscript style, or by using any other plugin/idea you might have to suggest?

Another thing I couldn’t get to work yet in the editor is smartypants(). Is that even possible?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

There is a feature request here:

But regarding SmartyPants, have you tried with the smartypants() helper?

I think for footnotes, a button (with a dialog like for links) would probably be the best option, but I have no idea if it is possible to easily add new buttons or if so, how.

Thank you so much for your help @texnixe!
I was unsure at first what is the “smartypants() helper”, but with a bit of browsing I got here.

The method of using:
<?= smartypants($page->text()->blocks()) ?>

rather then:
<?= $page->text()->blocks()->smartypants() ?>

seems to work perfect! Thanks!

As for inserting footnotes, I really think a button with a popup dialog box (similar to the links button), would be the perfect solution. So far unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with finding out how to build customizable buttons into the editor.

Unfortunately, using ‘markdown extra’ enabled in the config.php also doesn’t work in the editor with footnotes like in kirbytext().

I’ve tried this:
A footnote reference[^1]
[^1]: Footnote content.

Is there another method I’m maybe missing?

I don’t know, I made a little test but to no avail.

Thanks @texnixe :pray:
At least one issue was resolved!