Font Awesome Plugin Updated

Hi everyone,

A quick message to say I’ve update my Font Awesome kirbytag for K3.
Plus, now, you can use icons as attribut of (link:…).
Version 2 remains available on the “v2” branch and has also benefited from the new feature for links.

Still v4.7.0 of Font Awesome, because I do not have the utility of the v5, but be feel free to make a pull request.

Hi Julian,

seems, your plugin don’t work in Kirby 3.5.x. If I insert your plugin in the plugin folder, the link and icon tags didn’t work. They are not converted to font awesome icons or links. It is replicable.

Any ideas?

Thanks Andreas

Hi @Andreas,
The reason why the plug-in doesn‘t work is that it is developed for Kirby 2 and not for K3.
There are some major changes need to get this work.


Hi @JanStieler ,

thanks for you hint, but Julian wrote in his post


Have you loadedthe Fontawesome library?