File upload not working

i changed server and on this onde if i try to upload a file bigger then 2mb i get the spining icon for 2 mins and when it finishes the file doesnt show up on file lista. Any idea what i need to change on PHP.INI or if it couls be any other issue?
i cant really search for it because theres no error even in debug mode.
Thanks in advance

Check the values for

  • memory_limit,
  • post_max_size, and
  • upload_max_filesize

in your php.ini.

You can upload smaller files, though, can’t you?

php.ini has upload_max_filesize = 64M, post_max_size = 64M, memory_limit = 128M
Do i need more? Yeah this only happens with larger files, less then 1mb there is no issue.

I’ve got the same problem. All php.ini params are set to a high value. But I still cannot upload files bigger than 2MB.

Maybe it’s because of max_allowed_packet? See this post on Stack overflow:
PHP change the maximum upload file size

My issue was caused by a htaccess code changing PHP version.
Thank you and sorry i forgot aout this lol

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