File meta for different file types

Sorry if i have missed this in the docs / forum search, but is it possible to do different meta fields for different file types? I have some fields that apply to images but are not applicable to videos.

Is it possible?

No, this has come up several times, but no, it is not possible. You could try to work with the toggle field as a workaround, but it’s still not ideal. Or use subpages for different files types.

Another option could probably be custom fields that are shown depending on file type: File fields dependant on file type?

Ok thanks, it’s all a bit involved. I might just live with it. I’m already using fieldtoggle on this site so I might go that route.

I wrote a plugin some time ago. Perheps it’s what you are looking for.


Oh that is beautiful! That may just do it. :slight_smile: Thanks @lukaskleinschmidt