Field methods in Blocks Blueprint do not work

I made a custom field method to convert autoids of related pages to their titles:

Kirby::plugin('my-project/autotitle', [
	'fieldMethods' => [
		'autotitle' => function ($field) {
			$field->value = autoid($field)->title();
			return $field;

It works fine on the frontend and in page-blueprints but not in my blocks-blueprints:

    label: "{{ event.autotitle }}"
        type: select
        options: query
             fetch: site.find("events").children
             text: "{{ page.title }}"
             value: "{{ page.autoid }}"

somehow doesn’t return anything. Is this intended behaviour or am I doing it wrong?

That won’t work, you cannot use event to refer to a field and I doubt that you can even use query language in this context. Where did find this?