Custom field methods in blueprint language broken

my plugin which can be used in blueprint language to print stuff based on boolean value of a field is broken. worked in rc-2 but not in 3.0.0. i looked at the docs but could not spot any changes. any ideas?

{{ page.myBoolField.ecco('Yes please.', 'OMG NO!') }}

Did it stop working completely or just in a Panel context? Any errors?

sorry forgot that. its just returning true and false as strings. as far as i can tell my custom field method is not loaded in template blueprint language at all. i even tried to just echo a string instead of doing any logic at all.

In a quick test in an info box, it worked as expected.

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thanks for testing. since you did a quick test i assumed you used the zip so maybe my composer setup is broken and indeed the

"autoload": {
        "files": [

was missing in composer.json. fixed in v1.0.3.

thanks @texnixe for your support and patience.