Fetch file fields from different subpages into site.yml

I have a site with multiple subpages (and subsubpages). On some of those I have files.

Now I’ve created a new site blueprint (site.yml) via a plugin for the editor role - to let an editor update some specific of the files. I don’t want the editor to have to click through subpages to find those files. I basically want to bring together all editable content into one place.

Is there any way to fetch specific files from subpages to make them editable on another blueprint page - but leave them in their original destination folder?

Thanks very much.

The filesdisplay section could do what you need, it just displays what you query in a section.

Thanks for your help!

I had another idea to create an unlisted page with “global” downloads, which can be selected on the subpages… kind of the other way around. I think this solves my problem.