Blueprint fetching files from parent (or another) folder

Is there a possibility to display files from another folder for example to be easier to link them inside text fields?

Here is a simple example of what I’m trying to achieve:

this is parent folder where we would love to store all our files relevant for this page or it’s supages:

as you see, i’ve uploaded a file “formular-voranmeldung.pdf”.

Now I’m going a level deeper to another page from “Abschnitte” section. Now inside the another page we’d love to see list of files from parent page like “formular-voranmeldung” and to link them inside of text field. That’s why I’m asking if there is a possibility to fetch them :slight_smile:

You probably mean a textarea field? You can use the query option to define which files are selectable, so you can limit your query to files from the parent page, or merge parent files with current page files in your query.

yupp - I’m meaning textarea field! How to achieve querying files from parent page?

  type: textarea
    query: page.parent.files # or images etc.


query: page.parent.files.add(page.files)
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Great, thanks for fantastic support! :star_struck:

Just a teeeeny litle thing, I’ve modified the blueprint like this:

But I still see the option for upload

How to prevent upload from it?

uploads: false

Or allow uploads, but to the parent page. The docs are your friend…

My mistake, i forgot to add s to upload(s). Sorry.