Fatal Error in Panel after update to 2.3.0


i updated to the latest version and can’t edit my content anymore:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/huw_/panel/app/helpers.php on line 32

whats going on there? any ideas?


Can you give us more information:

  • Which version did you update from?
  • Where are you getting this error? On any page, on the dashboard, on the site options page?

i updated from 2.2.3 and get the error on every page i click on in the panel… still try to track it down… but no luck yet.

More questions:

  • Which fields are you using ?
  • Do you have a default blueprint (default.yml) ?

That’s a bug, in this line of helpers.php:

$translation = a::get($value, kirby()->option('panel.language'), $this->name());

It uses $this out of object context.

It has been fixed on the develop branch.

help: de: en:

Ok, got it! I have some empty ‘help’ stuff in my blueprints.

Thank you!

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