Extend System Area

Hi all,
would it be possible to extend the system-area in the panel, to show another value.
f.i. a version of the project besides the kirby-version.
Something like the following:

Is there already an object, which we can add properties. Maybe by config?
In the Vue-src of the Panel-Area is an environment-Object, but i think that is encapsulated and not really bound to this environment.

Thx for any hints.

Yes, see Panel areas | Kirby CMS

Maybe it would be sufficient to extend the PHP part of the system view, take a look to see how the data is passed.

ok, thanks @texnixe.
it works so far, but i am wondering if there is an more easy/future proof way…

  1. i have added a new prop to my config. that will come from env later
  2. i have copied all the content inside action from config/areas/system/views.php to an area plugin, and add another item to $environment which has a value from config.
return [
    'version' => '1.1.0',
use Kirby\Cms\App;
use Kirby\Toolkit\I18n;

Kirby::plugin('custom/system-area', [
    'areas' => [
      'system' => function () {
        return [
          'views' => [
            'system' => [
                'action'  => function () {
                    $kirby        = App::instance();
                    $system       = $kirby->system();
                    $updateStatus = $system->updateStatus();
                    $license      = $system->license();
                    $environment = [
                            'label'  => $license ? I18n::translate('license') : I18n::translate('license.register.label'),
                            'value'  => $license ? 'Kirby 3' : I18n::translate('license.unregistered.label'),
                            'theme'  => $license ? null : 'negative',
                            'dialog' => $license ? 'license' : 'registration'
                            'label' => 'Version from Config',
                            'value' => option('version')
                    return [
                        'component' => 'k-system-view',
                        'props'     => [
                            'environment' => $environment,
                            'exceptions'  => $kirby->option('debug') === true ? $exceptions : [],
                            'plugins'     => $plugins,

do i really have to copy all the action, or does it somehow work to only add an item to $environment
if i remove some other props, the system-area wont display correct, so i guess it is not possible to merge or extend the data. if i add a custom/area-plugin, it will completely override the original props, isn’t it?

but thank you so far!