Extend StaterKit with online demo examples

Hello everyone,

I am currently familiarizing myself with Kirby4.

My previous knowledge of Kirby and PHP / CSS is minimal, but I find the approach of a file-based CMS very interesting and would like to take a closer look at it and at the same time expand my knowledge.

I have seen that there are more examples of how to use Kirby4 in the online demo than in the StaterKit.

Would it be possible to match the contents of the demo page with those of the StaterKit?

I am particularly interested in the examples regarding blog, restaurant, store.

It would help me to be able to follow these examples in order to realize my own website with Kirby4 if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Lukas

The demo example is also available on GitHub: GitHub - getkirby/demokit: A demo setup for trykirby.com

Hello Sonja,

Many thanks for the quick reply and the link to the repository. Unfortunately I had not found it.

Greetings Lukas