Expire session/log out with Locked Pages plugin

I’m interested in using Locked Pages | Kirby CMS. I like its simplicity but the fact that it relies on PHP sessions is making me a bit uncomfortable. Is there a way to add a logout link, to expire/kill the current session manually? Or is it possible to specify the session duration? Where is that set in the first place?

Guess that should also work in conjunction with the plugin.

Since there is no user logged in but simply a session is initialized, I had to adapt the logout example from the recipe, and this appears to work (at least for my simple case):
In the return statement in config.php I have

return [
	'routes' => [
			'pattern' => 'logout',
			'action'  => function() {

There is now also a new custom hook:

Yeah, haha, what a coincidence. :wink: