Events with apply function


I’m working with Kirby now for quite a while and I really like it a lot.

Since my client has the wish to include an event-calendar for the member area with some kind of an apply function I’m trying to figure out wich would be the best solution for this.

The member area with frontend login works fine. It has a Subpage wich displays all the future calendar events in a simple table I created in the panel.

Right now I’m using the mzur’s Calendar Plugin and thought about adding some kind of formular form field in the member-calendar-area (maybe a checkbox or just an „apply-button“) wich transmits the data in the calendar.txt. But I’m not sure if this will work out.

Any solution wich displays all the applies from the members in the admin-panel OR an extra-admin-subpage would be great.

Maybe someone got an Idea how to solve this.

How are the events stored? A button with a reference to the events should be enough information to relate the application to the event.

You can create custom views in the Panel, but note that custom views will change in 3.6.

Custom view recipe: My first Panel view | Kirby CMS


the events are stored as structured field content in the calendar.txt (wich is a subfolder in the sites memberarea).
My Attempt so far:
I tried to use update() on this .txt file so that the front-end user can send a form wich transmits his username and his Accept or Decline Answer. Those values will be displayed in the panel calendar section, in the event-field „users“.
I think I can get it to work like this, even if its a bit tricky to convert the yaml-data to arrays and back…

@pixelijn what do you think about about it?

Yes, that is a bit of a pain, and with many events, I’d go for pages instead of a structure field. I think in the long run, that is also more stable then dealing with those arrays.

I think the maximum amount of events is around 18.
Anyway, thanks for your help!

little Update on this one:

My client wants to make it a little bit more complicated:
Every user should now not only apply - they also want them to give information about the people who are coming with them (their names).

So the case is now:
event_01 → user_xyz → name, name, name …

witch is resulting in an array in an array again…

Also they need some kind of list in the panel for them to see who’s coming on the specific event. (wich would be the best field type for this one?)

If anyone did something similar before, please tell me. Maybe it can speed up the coding process a bit.

Thank you!