Evaluating Kirby - are there custom content types?

Using some jargon borrowed from wordpress – can you do custom content types and then include lists of those items in pages?

I’m taking a look at Kirby for some client work but it’s not immediately apparent from the docs how to do this.

Just so you know my end-to-end use-case: I’m making a basic business website. There is a page that contains partners the company works with. In the panel, the client should be able to add a new partner, and fill out the text + image for that partner. Then on the page a widget is rendered for that partner. If you click on the widget, there’s a lightbox with more content for that item.

Forgive me if this isn’t a flat-file mindset :slight_smile: Thanks!

The Panel allows you to generate all sorts of forms by creating a blueprint for that page. So for you example, you could create a page called called partners:

What you would do:

  • create a new blueprint called partner.php
  • in that blueprint, define the fields you need; since you need to add multiple partners, you would go for a so called structure field that takes repeating entries with several fields, e.g. a field for the name of the partner, a field for some text, and a field for the image.
  • you would then also create a template for the page (partner.php in site/templates), that would then render the partners onto the page. Templates define the ( html ) output of your content on the page.

However, a structure field is only one way of achieving this. Depending on the amount of information you want to store, you may opt for using subpages to a page instead. The information in these subpages would then be aggregated on your partners page (in the same way as a list of blog articles, or projects).

In this way, you can create many different Panel forms for many different kinds of content.

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Looks great! I’ll dig in some more and let you know if I have questions.

You’re use case as with most use cases are perfectly suited for a flat CMS. There’s only few things I wouldn’t advise against doing with Kirby.

Also. This forum will always be there to help you learn Kirby. Welcome!