EU cookie regulations: What if Kirby cookies aren't necessary?

Hi there,

For a couple of years, websites from the European Union are more or less forced to provide an opt-in/-out solution for cookies. It appears to depend on which country you are from.

Me, being from Germany, I do notice more and more local websites introducing these annoying cookie nag screens. I fear the point in time when not having those would allow lawyers to send expensive cease-and-desist warnings.

As far as my website is concerned, it is only me who needs cookies when I’m logged in to the panel. The rest doesn’t.

That’s why I’m very reluctant to implement a nag screen of my own. I’d rather ask you guys whether there’s an option to force Kirby not to set any arbitrary cookies.

Are my concerns unfounded or do you share my sentiment? What are we to do in order to implement a EU-friendly solution? I’d love to hear from you!

Hi, I’m from the EU/Germany myself and this whole cookie regulation stuff is really confusing and there is no definite answer anywhere. While I assume that this whole regulation is more targeted towards data collecting tracking cookies and all that stuff, the future will show how court rulings will handle this. Nevertheless, it’s always best to be on the safe side because of those horribly greedy lawyers.

As regards the session cookies, I think they will be made optional in the next release

Oh, I haven’t been aware there’s already been a fruitful discussion on this very topic on Github. Glad to see this already being tackled! Again, I have to thank you. :smile:

I just wanted to add to this thread, that there is currently no german law about this. But you are right, that this topic is really confusing.
I think, that many sites implemented this useless “agree or go away button” to feel save. But it seems to be dependent of the local law, whether you must notify your uses because of php session cookies. This is one of these regulations where everything is worse than before.
But for kirby you can switch to the develop branch and this problem is fixed.

Hi again, I can’t really see (or rather, I don’t seem to get) whether Kirby 2.2 has a solution to this issue or a later version will have something included. And what exactly is the solution?

In Kirby 2.2 there are no longer any cookies stored by default on the frontend unless you do anything with the session or cookie classes.