Error when using the Focus plugin

I tried the Focus Plugin with Kirby 3 and I am getting this panel error:
Unexpected token in JSON at position 1

with this setup:

    label: Hero
    type: focus
    multiple: false
    layout: cards
    width: 1/3

when I strip it down to:

    label: Hero
    type: focus

nothing is shown at all in the panel.

any ideas?

Don’t know if this is a copy/paste issue but your indentation looks wrong?

In addition to the indentation as mentioned by @texnixe, make sure to use the focus field as a file field not as a files section.

This Github comment might also help.


great, your link to the Github comment helped!
I was trying to use the focus field on a page blueprint not on a file blueprint.

But now i am running into the next issue:
when I use kirbytext() I get this error message:
include(/Users/memyselfandi/localhost/myproject/site/plugins/focus/vendor/composer/../../kirby/dependencies/parsedown/Parsedown.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory