Error when switch tab in kirby panel 6.5

I just copy & paste the error text here:

Failed to execute 'replaceState' on 'History':

A history state object with URL
cannot be created in a document with origin
'http://localhost:3015' and URL 

What version is 6.5? You mean What are the steps to reproduce the issue in a fresh Starterkit?

Yes, Sry. It’s
If i’m working with it’s fine. But when i using localhost:30xx the error appears.
Theoretical this topic is solved.

I’m using gulp (gulp-connect-php & browser-sync) as my test environment:

    return connect.server({
        router: './kirby/router.php',
        port: 3000,
        keepalive: true,
    }, function() {
            proxy: '',
            notify: true,
            open: true

Gulp opens the Browser with localhost:30xx (increased each reload)

I’m seeing this exact same issue regardless of whether using 127.0.01 or localhost for the hostname.

Any thoughts?

Hey, was anyone able to resolve this? I’ve just started another Kirby plainkit + tailwind + browser-sync (following more or less this guide) but I get the following error in Panel:

Have you tried to clear your browser-cache?