Error.user.duplicate not showing translation

I doing a front end page to register as user. It’s a multi language site, It works fine but I noticed that when the I get the error for someone trying to create an account with an email that already has an account, the error in my default language (es_419) in incorrect.

When the current language is english it correctly uses the “error.user.duplicate” in the tranlations files on but on spanish I get “The entry exists” which seems to be a fallback, even if the translation exist on the es_419 file.

Any one else with a similar issue? Hopefully I’m explaining my self. Here is some of the code:

controller for signup.php

      try {
        $user = $kirby->users()->create(array(
          'email'     => $data['email'],
          'name'      => $data['nombres'],
          'role'      => 'solicitante',
          'language'  => 'es_419',
          'password'  => $data['password'],
          'content'   => [
            'phone'     => $data['phone']
      } catch (Exception $e) {
        $error = [$e->getMessage()]; // if current language is not english I get a default message
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That works! Can I use it like that with the invalid() helper?

$messages = [
'email'     => [I18n::template('', null, null, $kirby->languageCode())]

I get this error

TypeError thrown with message “Argument 2 passed to Kirby\Toolkit\Str::template() must be of the type array, null given, called in /Users/luzeureka/Desktop/Web/factoria-bogar/web/kirby/src/Toolkit/I18n.php on line 157”

or is better to follow this cookbook recipe

I18n::template('', null, [], $kirby->languageCode());

The third parameter should be an array.

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I’m tryin to figure this one again and noticed something.

I18n::template($e->getKey(), null, $e->getData(), $kirby->language()) mostly works fine. BUT only on english because $kirby->language() returns es on spanish because that the code a putted on my config and set the locale to es_419.

Here es site/languages/es.php

return [
  'code' => 'es',
  'default' => true,
  'direction' => 'ltr',
  'locale' => 'es_419',
  'name' => 'Español',

But I noticed that Kirby on it’s core doesn’t have es as language, It has 2 type of Spanish es_ES and es_419. So I renames my code as es_419 and everywhere else where I had used it as es and all seems well for now.

I see other languages like Spanish that don’t have a default/neutral so they may have a similar issue so i’m leaving this here.

Note: You can set 'url' => '/es', on your language config or it will use your code for the url.

Good point!