Error sending form: The validator does not exist: company

Hi, I have added some additional fields to a form and since this, I have received this error in this file. /public_html/kirby/src/Toolkit/V.php please let me know what I have missed out.

The issue was here in the contact.php file.

            $rules = [
                'name'  => ['required', 'minLength' => 3],
                'company' => ['required', 'minLength' => 3],
                'email' => ['required', 'minLength' => 3],
                'phone' => ['required', 'minLength' => 3],
                'budget' => ['required', 'minLength' => 3],
                'text'  => ['required', 'minLength' => 3, 'maxLength' => 3000]

Can’t see anything wrong with that rule set.

But it would be useful if you post more context, like the rest of the code and the stack trace of that error.

And when exactly does this error message pop up?

@texnixe thank you for the response, I found the solution and added the answer above.