Error message enhancement


we’re trying to migrate to kirby 3 and run into the following error:

Kirby\Exception\NotFoundException: The home page does not exist in file /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/src/Cms/App.php on line 1079
Stack trace:

  1. Kirby\Exception\NotFoundException->() /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/src/Cms/App.php:1079
  2. Kirby\Cms\App->resolve() /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/config/routes.php:120
  3. Kirby\Http\Route->{closure}() [internal]:0
  4. Closure->call() /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/src/Http/Router.php:107
  5. Kirby\Http\Router->call() /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/src/Cms/App.php:337
  6. Kirby\Cms\App->call() /kirby/vendor/getkirby/cms/src/Cms/App.php:1040
  7. Kirby\Cms\App->render() /kirby/public/index.php:17

I guess that something in our kirby configuration is not correct.
It would be very nice that the error message: “The home page does not exist in file …” from the kirby system tells us the exact route / homepage that was unable to be located.

Is it possible to enhance this errormessage to be more informative ?
Thanks in advance


Do you have a folder called home in your content folder? The home page folder is required by kirby (as is the error folder). You can change these folder names to something else in your config, though: home | Kirby CMS