Error 500 on Panel and child page

Hello, I just took a website that I ended from a personal subdomain adress, where everything is working, to the final adress of this website.

I well replaced the /subdomain/ everywhere and did all the things that could make problems happen, and there is no special .htaccess lines.

But the problem is that I can access to another page than the homepage. the child and panel are “error 500”…

And the second thing I saw is that I have a special cursor, that is manage by the panel, and it is 500 too. So I checked the URL of this image, and the media URL is not existing in the directory, it is a false url.

So what I did first is to empty the media folder, problem stay the same, then I removed everything to put a plainkit on the server and the problem stay: the panel is error 500… I tried to give full access permission via FileZilla too, and nothing.

I think it is a server problem, but I’m not the manager of it, do you think it could be anything else ?

Thank you

to me it seems that either url rewriting is not enabled or .htaccess overwrites are not allowed. If you put some rubbish into the htaccess and open the home page, you should get error 500, if not, the file is ignored.

That was it !

Thank, I proceed by eliminations, I first pu a redirection in .htaccess to verify the overwrites, then I put some lines to set url rewriting base and rules and after that I accessed to Panel and child pages.