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When I first met Kirby I decided, to switch my website from Koken to Kirby. That was a year ago - and nothing happened. I haven’t had enough time. :pensive: But I want that switch to Kirby3 (I got a license), because Koken seems End-of-Life.

My Website contains a gallery (“home”-page), some static pages (about me, impress, contact) and that’s it. We should discuss the need of Javascript. No cookies, no tracking - a clean side.
Maybe a hidden blog used as a travel-diary.

Important: I want to understand what’s going on. So comments in the code are welcome.

Because of my bad English :roll_eyes:… German-Speakers would be great, but that’s not crucial.

Thank you!


I can help you with this. I have a brief understanding of Koken, as I tried it sometime ago, and Im more than sure I can convert it over to Kirby for you. I don’t speak german but i work with alot of non-english speakers so I’m sure we will get along fine. :slight_smile:

Thank you James, I’ll take a look onto your Website tonight or after a ride with my bicycle.

Just as a clarification:
A convertation from Koken to Kirby can be one goal, but I’m also open for a new website. :smiley: Maybe that’s easier. :nerd_face:

And as a reference:
My Koken-Installation is using the “Regal 2”-Theme and looks something like that (not my website).

Koken is making use of Google-APIs, a thing I don’t like. And without Javascript, the gallery is not working at all. So we’ve to discuss the gallery-design.

Sure, from scratch is also fine :slight_smile: Let’s talk tonight… enjoy your :bike: ride :slight_smile:

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I recently built a Kirby 3 website for a great photographer: https://www.klumpp-fotografie.de/

Maybe something like that would be a great fit for you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Greetings from the black forest,

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