Empty response error when setting up kirby project with valet

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on someone else’s project and therefore trying to set it up locally with laravel valet. the starterkit for example runs perfectly fine this way, but this particular project gives me an empty response error. apparently it didn’t send any data?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-22 um 12.13.22

the tricky part is, that i’m not very familiar with the project yet and neither with valet, so i have no idea what i’m looking for. again, the starterkit runs fine, so it has to be something with this specific site. i’d appreciate any hints :pray:

Have you made sure that all data was downloaded?

Make sure to delete the media folder.

Check the Kirby version of the project.

i just confirmed that i have all the data, no media folder, and the project runs on kirby version 3.7.5.
i made sure to get all the composer stuff as well. it also runs perfectly fine with xampp on my coworkers setup, as well as on the live website :confused:
maybe i just switch to xampp as well and try to copy their setup