Efficient way to query user.content in custom panel Vue templates

I am currently modifying the default Users view in the panel. That’s going fine, but now I’m needing to get into some of the user blueprint content.

If I modify the query, using parameters that work elsewhere with Kirby API, either in PHP or JSON, I would use select to add blueprint content to the response.

let query = {
    paginate: {
      page: this.page,
      limit: this.limit,
    sortBy: "username asc",
    select: "content" // or select: ["content"]

      // do stuff

This doesn’t work in the front-end Vue components.

What does expose user.content is this.$api.users.get(user.id).then() on each item in the response.data from this.$api.users.list(), but doing this on each item from the first response isn’t ideal for performance reasons. I already have over 1000 users on my application, and this number is growing much higher.

So, is there a way to query blueprint content values for users in this.$api.users.list() or equivalent? It doesn’t work with the same params as the API for /api/users

I am specifically trying to [1] add blueprint content onto the k-collection list, and [2] assemble a uniq list of values from user blueprints e.g. company so that I can use them for filters, like default ‘role’ filter, in my custom Users panel view.