Is it possible to send a query variable (options) to my custom panel field via blueprint?

Is it possible to pass a query (options) to my custom panel field from the blueprint? When i do this i get the string ‘query’ as a result?

        type: create-page-button  
        options: query
             fetch: site.children.template("clients").children
             text: "{{ page.title }}"
             value: "{{ page.uri }}"

thanks for any advise

I can’t answer your question and it would be helpful if you provide the code where you are trying to get that property. The blueprint settings above won’t work because not properly indented, anyway.

And: Please use the “Questions :thinking:” category when asking a question. It helps us to keep track of open and solved question.

You can create a new Query() Object in your fields php part and work with that.
See how existing Kirby fields do it or check out Rasteiner’s Pages Section Plugin .

thanks, i got it working.
I added in my plugin-php-file:

'extends' => 'radio',

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