Ecwid online store — new shopping cart plugin

Hi Everyone!

We at Ecwid created a plugin for Kirby. It allows you to add a store to your site and start selling online. Please give it a try and let us know what you think:

This is the first time we created something for Kirby, so do not hesitate to let us know if you find any issue in the plugin — we’ll be happy to improve!

On Ecwid

  • Ecwid is a SaaS shopping cart application. You add your products, set up payment and shipping settings and Ecwid displays the catalog, cart and checkout widgets on your site, so that your customers can find and pay for your products on your site.
  • Supports 40+ payment options including Stripe, Paypal, Square and AuthorizeNet
  • Integrates with popular shipping carriers to calculate shipping rates at checkout (USPS, UPS, FedEx, CanadaPost and others)
  • Supports digital goods — you can sell your files as products in the store and they will be available for customers to download as soon as the order is paid. Download links can be limited either by time or by the number of download attempts.
  • Allows to set up local order pickup and delivery options for customers to choose at checkout
  • Has various promotional tools including discount coupons, wholesale discounts, membership-based discounts, abandoned carts management
  • Allows to mirror store on a Facebook page and sell right from Facebook
  • Provides iOS and Android mobile apps to manage store from a mobile device and charge customers offline (works as a mobile POS)
  • Integrates with popular POS systems (Square, NCR, Clover, Vend) to sync offline and online sales
  • Allows to sync products with eBay and Google Shopping
  • Automatically translates storefront to 45 languages based on the visitor language
  • Ecwid handles backups and automatically scales to support whatever traffic and storage you have — no hosting/bandwidth fees.
  • Has a free and three paid subscription-based plans (pricing page).


Control panel screenshot


@makfruit Looks nice! A couple of questions. Does the Kirby version support everything that comes with a Ecwid account? Specifically digital goods? For instance, If i got a venture account, i would be able sell digital goods through Kirby? where are the files stored? Are they protected from direct access?


Hi James,

Thanks for the question. Yes, the Ecwid plugin for Kirby includes all Ecwid features. Digital goods are supported as well: you upload files as products to your store and they will be available for a customer to download as soon as the order is paid. All e-goods are stored on Ecwid servers and protected from direct access. Additionally, you can limit download link lifetime and the number of download attempts to protect links from sharing.