Easily translate your whole site content with the Memsource TMS service!


At Oblik we have a client who uses Memsource for translation of pretty much everything on their platform. They wanted a marketing website with a flexible CMS, but also to translate the content in Memsource. Naturally, we chose Kirby and decided to make a Memsource integration for it.

The plugin allows you to export every single piece of content and upload it to Memsource. Then, you can utilize Memsource’s powerful translation memory features to localize your site the smart way.

If you hire translators, they wouldn’t even have to log in the Kirby panel. They would do their work in an interface they are used to and you would import the translations back into Kirby with a single click.

The plugin also has features like:

  • Fine-grained control over what’s exported to Memsource - you can send over all pages and files, or just a single language variable
  • Creating snapshots of your content which can later be used as reference points so you can later export only the changes
  • Import stats that show you exactly what changes were made by each import
  • Support for the Kirby Editor

Check it out, it’s free!