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I misuse the comments plugin for a small pseudo forum. Is it possible to send out email notifications to a set of users when a new comment has been submitted?

Which plugin?

Oh, I’m sorry, it is the “commentions” plugin.

You can use the commentions.add:after hook to send emails after a new comment is submitted. There is an example in the documentation that you could extend to your needs.

The assumed use case in the example is a notification for the admin, i.e. the hook is triggered on submission of a comment; in case of a moderated workflow this would be the moment it is enqueued for moderation, not published. In order to trigger something when enqueued comments get published, use the commentions.update:after hook instead - the example in its documentation actually covers exactly the use case of doing something after a post is changed from “pending” to “approved”.

Thank you!

It took me a few days to try it, hence this late reply, but it worked instantly. Now I just need to configure an email template, I guess.

The emails contain an array with all the data of the fields. But how can I convert that into normal text? I tried

template => notification

but that didn’t work.

Could you please provide more context?

The body of the email, that notifies of a new comment contains an array of the stuff that is in the fields/ Text files. Its this:

   [authenticated] => 1
   [name] => Jörn
   [status] => approved
   [text] => test test
   [timestamp] => 2020-11-03 19:55
   [type] => comment
   [uid] => tgxd64yvlq

Now I would like to somehow “convert” that into something more regular.

My Kirby email setup looks like this:

  'email' => [
    'transport' => [
      'type' => 'smtp',
      'host' => 'server-theserver-nserver.de',
      'port' => 587,
      'security' => true

The hook form the plugin is like:

    'hooks' => [
      'commentions.add:after' => function ($page, $data) {
        try {
            'from' => 'admin@muspaeds.de',
            'to' => [

            'subject' => 'Neuer Beitrag auf ' . $page->title(),
            'body'=> print_r($data, true),
      } catch (Exception $error) {
          echo $error;

I wanted to define a email template in my templates/ emails folder, but if I add:

template => 'my-template'

it doesn’t do anything, mostly because I don’t know what to do.

The code above has a missing quote after 'anotherone@muspaeds.de, is that just a copy past error?

If you head over to the documentation: https://getkirby.com/docs/guide/emails#html-plain-text
you see that you set a template with the template option (note that the key must have single quotes as well, so 'template' => 'template-name').

You can also pass a data array to the template (instead of your body), then each variable you define in the data array is available in your template as in the example.


'data' => [
    'name' => 'Peter',
    'text' => 'welcome to our wonderful email list'

can then be used as echo $name in the template.


yes, it was copy/ paste errors or just Schlamperei meinerseits.

The data array is from the commentions plugin, I can’t define it, can’t I?

But you can pass it to the data variable:

'data' => $data,

Oh. Ok. Yes!

Thank you very much!!