Downloadpage with videos

I was asked by client to realize a downloadpage for teaching materials. These materials also include videos, one per unit. The Size of the videos are inbetween 30 and 80 MB. Is there maybe something I have to consider when hosting the materials in Kirby in the unit-folder?

Thank you for respond

The only problems I can think of are not Kirby related:

  • storage space on the server
  • PHP settings that allow uploading of big files (this can be an issue on shared hosting, especially if the allowed script run time is too short and you are on a slow internet connection)

Hi @texnixe,
thank you for your fast reply!
Is there some kind of best practise you know about, or maybe is it just a question of looking for a professional hoster?

Well, how many videos are we talking about? You really just need hosting that can store it and also has enough bandwidth available. If you’ve got 30 students downloading 80mb files, you going to get through a bandwidth quota pretty quickly…

I would consider handing this off to something like dropbox and using its API to list out the files on the website. Theres a few PHP libraries like this one that could probably help you out.

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We once ran into issues with files bigger than 60 MB that. couldn’t be uploaded with certain hosters. If in doubt, I would either test this or contact the hoster.

If bandwidth quota could be a problem, then getting into contact with the hoster is also a good idea to find the right package, especially if you don’t want to use any third party services like dropbox.

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Thank you very much,
I will consider both: the right hoster and third party if possible :grinning: