Doubleclick to open customblock settings

Hi there,

I want the user to be able to doubleclick on the customblock in Layouts to open up the settings of the Block instead of having to click on the pen-icon. I See this is implemented for the presetted kirbBlocks, but i didnt find exactly where this ist defined.
Any ideas on that?


I thought it had to do with the wysigwy property, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not alone. Which Kirby block drawers open on double-click? IMO, only the image and video block types, not the ones that are editable without opening the drawer?

Thats true, i see this for the image, gallery and video blocks.

I found the following in kirby/panel/dist/js/index.js i think thats the function, which handles this.

on:{dblclick:function(e){return t.$emit("open")}}

Is it possible to see this file unminified anywhere?

You could try


It’s not really recommended if you use k-writer components in your preview.

is there any possibility to implement this in a good way directly via. Javascript and not with vue?

I done it by writing it direcly into the index.js without compiling a extra vue.js data. Thank you for your help!