Double requests

Every time I open record or list, I get 2 identical requests. Is it bug, or is it supposed to work?

Please provide more context when and where that happens. Which Kirby version you are using etc.
Apart from that, you will see a request every x seconds because Kirby checks at an interval if a page needs to be locked.

Problem appears in panel with tabs. When I click on tab,

methods: {
onClick(t) {

is executed once, but:

created() {
is executed twice (on same click).

I still can not find why it is called 2x

Could you post the blueprint?

I found why this happens:

Line: 178

    created() {

Line: 78

  created() {
    this.$events.$on("page.changeStatus", this.reload);
    this.$events.$on("page.sort", this.reload);

so, page is loaded 2 times. I think I can comment out in PageTable.vue, and that would solve problem, but I’m not sure if that won’t breake something else somewhere else