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your font for sourcecode is in Times since a couple of days. It’s not as good readable.

Best, c

On the website? Does not look like Times on my devices?

What browser, version, and operating system are you running? The source code font looks correct on several on my devices and platforms.

Hm… sry, you are right. My Firefox displays fine, but Chrome (Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)) not. hmmmmmm.

Maybe your browser settings? Some sort of weird extension? Can’t be related to the Kirby website, Times is definitely not defined as a fallback font.

Times or any Serif font. This could happen if the font-family was set to Some Font, Some Other Font, sans-serif, but it’s set to Source Code Pro, Courier, monospace, so even if the browser cannot locate Source Code Pro or Courier, it should use its default monospace font.

Could be:

  • a change you made in the browser’s preferences.
  • your operating system having a very strange definition of a default monospace font (I’ve seen it happen on Linux, with proprietary fonts being aliased to libre equivalents… sometimes there are a few strange quirks in the matching process).