Do i have to save pages into .html or .php + CSS question

hello Kirby CMS people,

may be a stupid question but can i save pages into .html or is it always into .php?

for example: index.html or index.php

can Kirby CMS read/show .html files?

can i create a css folder for all my CSS files?

thank you

What do you mean? The content is stored in txt/md files. To render the content, you need php templates (because Kirby is a PHP based CMS). You cannot put PHP code into html files.

You can store your CSS files in any publicly available folder.

My idea is if i download a free HTML5 with CSS 3 template how i can i convert them into .php files, simply by change .html into .php?

Hello Patrick,

This previous post should give you a better idea of the processes involved -

How to convert a HTML template to Kirby

Thank you very much!