Divide main page into two vertical scrolling Frames

Hi, would anyone have suggestions for how to format the main page format to allow for content to be split into two separate frames (left and right). Like this site did with their WordPress pages: http://riogrande.xyz

Also, if this is possible, how would one set up the site to respond to mobile viewing by only displaying one of the frames (say the left)

I suggest you check out the source code and the corresponding CSS, and go from there. It is beyond the scope of this help forum to explain this in detail, its not really Kirby related but general HTML/CSS/JS knowledge.

Basically, it’s just two containers that take 100% of the available height and 50% of the width and have the overflow property set to scroll. Showing only one of the two containers is simple with media queries.

However, as texnixe said, this is not specific to Kirby.

you’re both right. thanks and I’m sorry. i didn’t think it out and its a bit obnoxious to have people post arbitrary internet questions on here. sorry again about that.