Disqus snippet issue: 'disqus_shortname' vs 'yourshortname'

Hi there,

I’m trying to install Disqus comments via the Kirby-provided snippet:

I’ve already signed up with Disqus and have shortname for my site.

In the GitHub readme file for the snippet, under “How to use it”, it says to call the snippet like this:
<?php snippet('disqus', array('disqus_shortname' => 'yourshortname')) ?>

…and in the Kirby docs for the snippet it says:

You have to replace the disqus_shortname with the one you selected during the setup process. Afterwards the comment box should show up when you reload the page.

However this is not working for me. I think the issue for me is not what to replace 'disqus_shortname' with, but what to replace 'yourshortname' with??? (In the Kirby docs example it uses 'myawesomeblog' here so I know it needs to be something specific to my site. I’ve tried replacing it with various dynamic calls such as ($page->uri()) but I am consistently just getting the “Please pass the disqus shortname” message.

Where can I find the value/contents to properly replace 'yourshortname' in the snippet call? Does it need to be dynamic (as I am using this snippet within a template that will be applied to mutiple different blog posts)? Thanks in advance!!

Have a look at the getkirby.com website repo.

It uses the snippet you mentioned together with a disqus() function (see /site/plugins/disqus.php). The function is then called in site/templates/blogarticle.php.

Hope this helps.

Edit: BTW, that repo is deprecated. New official plugins can be found at https://github.com/getkirby-plugins