Display structure field entries from a page on a second page in the panel

Is there a way to display entries from a structure field from page A on page B in the panel?
The entries on page B don’t have to be editable, they would just be information.
If the entries on page A are changed they should also update on page B.

Thanks a lot already

Played around with the query language and a custom page method and came up with a solution that works for my case. So pageA is the list and now even on multiple pageB’s I can show the entries I want filtered by a field name. Probably there is a much more elegant way to do it though :face_with_raised_eyebrow: – but in case anybody can use it:

Page method:

Kirby::plugin('my/pagemethods', [
  'pageMethods' => [
    'list' => function() {
      $pageB = $this->slug();
      foreach($this->kirby()->site()->find('pageA')->structurefield()->toStructure()->sortBy(...)->filterBy('field4', '==', $pageB) as $entry) {
        $field1 = $entry->field1()->toString();
        $field2 = $entry->field2()->toString();
        $field3 = $entry->field3()->toString();
        $list[] = $field1 . ' ' . $field2 . ' ' . $field3;
      return $list = implode("\n", $list);

Blueprint for pageB:

  label: Info
  type: info
  text: "{{ page.list }}"