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Hi Kirby,

I created a page for my “notes” but the tags are not working : YAËL BENAYOUN, consultante et chercheuse indépendante
 en sciences sociales
When clicking to “Numérique” or “Santé” I just have a 404 result.

Sorry for this beginner question. Can you please help me ?

Many thanks.

Your links are pointing to the blog page (https://yaelbenayoun.com/blog/tag:Numérique), when they should point to notes.

Thank you !

It works but the filter is not active. See here : YAËL BENAYOUN, consultante et chercheuse indépendante
 en sciences sociales
The tag does not display the associate posts.

The php code on the /notes template is :

<h2>Exemples de productions</h2>
      <p class="introbloc">
        Rechercher par thèmes :


// fetch all tags
$tags = $page->children()->listed()->pluck('tags', ',', true);

<ul class="taglist">
  <?php foreach($tags as $tag): ?>
  <p class="tags">
    <a href="<?= url('notes', ['params' => ['tag' => $tag]]) ?>">
      <?= html($tag) ?>
  <?php endforeach ?>

  <ul class="publilist">
    <?php foreach ($page->children()->listed() as $note): ?>
      <a href="<?= $note->url() ?>">
        <figure class="publi">
            <?php if ($cover = $note->cover()): ?>
              <img src="<?= $cover->crop(400, 400)->url() ?>" alt="<?= $cover->alt()->esc() ?>">
            <?php endif ?>
          <figcaption class="img-caption">
            <?= $note->title()->esc() ?>
    <?php endforeach ?>

I don’t know how to modify my php code, do you have any clue ?

Many thanks !

I don’t see where you are filtering anything by tag? This doesn’t happen magically, please check out the docs, e.g.

Hello Texnixe,
thanks for your answer as always.

I don’t know how to use php, and not sure how to use the documentation. Where do I need to add the following php filter ?

echo param('tag');

Thank you very much !

This expressions needs to be changed according to the example in the docs, i.e. conditionally, if tag is set, filter, otherwise return unfiltered.

$notes = $page->children()->listed();
if ($tag = param('tag')) {
  $notes = $notes->filterBy('tag', $tag, ',');
foreach ($notes as $note): ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

You will need at least basic PHP skills, otherwise you won’t get very far, I’m afraid.