Display date and time in panel not working as expected: display: hh:mm (e.g.: for 12:28 returns 12:01)

As the title says I have problem displaying the time in the pane.
I have a timestamp in my .txt like this:
2022-01-03 12:20:00
and I would like to display it like this:
03.01.2022 12:20

I would assume that in my blueprint something like this would do the job:
display: DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm
(the field is set to type: date and time: true)
but this returns:
03.01.2022 12:01
the minutes are not displayed correctly, instead is the month. I assume Kirby transforms everything into uppercase and therefore Dayjs gets MM instead of mm and returns the month.
Is there still a way to display the minutes in the panel?

(I am on Kirby 3.5.1 and I love it)

You have to set the display for date and time separately.

hm, thank you for your fast reply! I tried it, but it didn’t work unfortunately.
Did I miss something else?

    type: structure
    limit: 5
    sortBy: timestamp desc
        width: 1/4
        width: 3/4
        label: Zeit
        display: DD.MM.YYYY
        type: date
          display: h.mm a
        default: now
        width: 1/2
        label: Kommentar
        type: text
        width: 1/2

thanks for your help!

when I click on it I can see that it took the formatting of the time, yet not in the preview…

(I also tried in Kirby with the same result)

That probably has to do with the preview for fields in the structure field. You might want to create a custom structure field preview for the date field.

oh okay thank you for the tip!
Since I am adding entries programmatically, I will just save the time to a separated field and display that. Seems a bit easier for now :slight_smile:
cheers, Joscha