Disabling authentication during development

I have read about the possibilities of different authentication methods and that it is possible to disable the panel. However I would like to know if Kirby allows to disable authentication for local development.
Can I disable the login in my local config.php?

You can disable the Panel in the config. It doesn’t matter in which sort of environment you do that. Although I’m wondering why you would want to do that given that you can change the config setting anyway?

Guess I’m missing something…

Thank you for your response,
I meant to be able to use the panel but without having to enter the login credentials once in a while.
It is just a workflow thing. And I am not a big fan of saving login credentials in browsers.

Ah, complete misunderstanding. You would need a custom user model that overwrites the relevant methods, there is no config setting.

Storing an otherwise useless login like test@test.me in the browser wouldn’t do any harm. Or a proper password tool.

And if I my understanding is correct, I could prevent the folder for this account from being deployed to a server and therefore I just have this as a local account. Correct?

Thank you for responding at such time.