Disable parsing in help text for Textfield

i use a Kirby Textarea and like to add a Help Text to it with the placeholders the user can use.

the following code is used in the blueprint

help: you can use (sitetel:) and (sitemail:) as placeholders

my problem is that the tags get parsed and the user can’t see the placeholders he could use.
is there a way to disable or escape the parsing of the tags in the help text?

Could you use with double quote?

help: "you can use (sitetel: XXX) and (sitemail: XXX) as placeholders"

already texted with double quotes and also {{}} always the same result

Replace left parens with $lpar;

help: you can use (sitetel:) and (sitemail:) as placeholders

Thanks, that trick did it.

Alternatively you can use like that:

help: "you can use (`sitetel:`) and (`sitemail:`) as placeholders"