Different templates for different languages at the same page

Hi, I’m working on a multi-language website and would like to choose different templates for different languages at the same page. Specifically, it’s about using a different template for Chinese language at homepage. So I created a template start.php for the default language German (content file: /home/start.de.txt) and a template landingpage.php for Chinese (content file: /home/landingpage.zh.txt). Unfortunately the Chinese homepage chooses the template start.php instead of landingpage.php. Do you have any idea, what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

That won’t work, you cannot have different templates per language. You could use the same template but then inside use a condition that requires a different snippet depending on language. If you need different fields in your blueprints, not only a different template, I’d use different subpages per language.

Thanks for your answer! So I’ll use conditions inside one template.