Different caches for domain with/without www

Kirby creates different caches for domains with/without www:

πŸ“ site
  πŸ“ cache
    πŸ“ example.com
    πŸ“ www.example.com

A client recently noticed that the cache of a page does not get flushed for both variants when editing content in the panel. So when I edit the page on example.com/panel, only site/cache/example.com is flushed. A visitor on www.example.com will still see the old version until someone edits something on www.example.com/panel.

For now I simply force www as it’s a good idea anyway. But maybe Kirby should flush both folders? Or maybe it would make sense to add a warning to the cache docs?

Hm, a site should never be accessible from two different domains. Forcing one is the right way to go.

See discussion here: https://github.com/getkirby/kirby/issues/2248

Thanks for the link, I haven’t seen this issue.
And I totally agree, redirecting to one variant is a good idea anyway.