Deleting/replacing file from files section boots me out of panel

How can I check these headers? I’ll give it a shot. I still have one kirby install on my server that I used for a client’s site.

In Chrome for example

@bchan009 I had the exact same issue on the exact same setup (VPS on Cloudways)
The solution (apparently) was to turn OFF the Varnish cache that’s on by default.

I have no idea if this is just a workaround rather than a proper solution but everything works fine now on my end.

@bchan009 @manuelmoreale Varnish is known for caching pretty aggressively (which is its job after all), so it may be that it doesn’t play well with our API endpoints.

If you don’t use frontend login/dynamic content, there is one thing you can try (if you have access to the Varnish configuration): Enable Varnish in general, but disable it for /api/*. This way you get the advantages of Varnish without the Panel being unreliable.

But as Kirby is pretty fast, you can also get away without Varnish at all. It only really makes sense for large deployments with multiple backends and/or rather slow dynamic applications. (And maybe for some other use-cases, sure.)

Wow thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out later!