Delete page creates Error "Unexpected end of JSON input" on localhost


Hi everyone,
on my localhost I get an Unexpected end of JSON inputerror message when I try to delete a page. This happens with any page.
I am running the built in PHP server with php -S localhost:8888 kirby/router.php.

Any ideas where this is coming from?

Thanks + Greets,


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Any additional info in the console?
Are you using a fresh starterkit or your own site already?
Does it happen with every page or specific templates?



Hi @distantnative,
I am using the kirby plainkit, default.yml blueprint, no additional fields.
It happens on any page & different blueprints.

The console says nothing special:
400 (bad request) and SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input at app.js:1

I remember I had the same issue on images when I was using the built-in PHP server without the kirby/router.php.



This looks like the server is throwing a PHP error and then the panel cannot parse this as JSOn of course (therefore the error).

I suspect the built in PHP server, which has caused lots of trouble for others. Do you have the chance to try it out e.g. with Mamp?



Yep, you are right. Switching to MAMP solved the issue.
Although I am still having the issue when I use e.g. Codekit as a Browser-Refreshing tool.


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