Default values for a custom field?

It seems like there are default properties if you declare a custom field (such as required, when etc.), where can I find a list of all these properties?

I would love to know which properties I don’t have to handle myself, and especially which fields I need to overwrite for correct behavior.

Your best resource will be the source code:

That’s by the way also the class that handles field validation.

Thanks for the hint, I’ll try and dig into it.

If you refer to the bumped post regarding field validation.
Unfortunately your linked source-file only refers to server-side validation (which works perfectly btw), the problem is clientside validation (where the field gets a red border, or warns before posting to the server that something is wrong with the input).

In the textInput source-file (which I mostly use for reference) there are a bunch of imports at the top of the file. Those also contain the clientside-validation logic for the field. The problem is that I don’t use a js-module environment, meaning I cannot use the import mechanics directly myself.

I thought I was able to reuse/access these mechanics when you extend another field (also client-side), but that doesn’t seem to do anything unfortunately. I can try to reinvent the wheel, but I was hoping I could use the mechanics Kirby already provides.