Default value in Editor image block

Hi wonderful forum,

I’m trying out the new native Editor for Kirby and loving it so far. I have a fairly active blog where most of the images need a certain CSS class, which you can define by clicking the little arrow next to the image block and type in the “CSS class” field under “Image Settings”. This is such a great feature!

However, I’d like to optimize the content management workflow by having this value prefilled, just like you can do with other fields in the panel using “default: value” in the blueprint.

Is there a way to do this in the Editor? I can’t seem to find any documentation on it.

Thanks in advance!


No, but I guess you can instead do this on the block snippet side.

Thank you @texnixe, great workaround!

“the snippet side” means to create a /site/snippets/editor/image.php file based on the file from the editor and add the desired changes, right?

or from a new plugin that registers the same snippet (and that folder name is starting with a letter higher than e – plugin load order issue).

editing the snippets within the original editor plugin might not be a save solution.